Top Fundraiser 2014 Connor


The Halti Ability Snow Challenge is a fun reason to tell others about the National Ability Center. We asked the top fundraising individual from last year why he was so dedicated in sharing our mission and fundraising for our programs.


“I give and fundraised for the National Ability Center and its programs because I enjoy the Halti Ability Snow Challenge, and I love to race. I have been active in many fundraisers, and I also horseback ride with the NAC. I have spent my time and efforts to be a great participant, and I have also been a volunteer. I believe that being with the National Ability Center for over 37 years has done great things for me. I believe in the mission and want to help it grow so that it keeps supporting the abilities of people, and giving them the strength to reach out to the great world we live in.” Connor Kristensen, National Ability Center participant, volunteer and supporter

You can help make the Halti Ability Snow Challenge a success by spreading the word about the National Ability Center’s mission, and asking others to support your team in the Halti Ability Snow Challenge. There are many strategies that can help you successfully fundraise, and we are here to help. Start by setting up your own fundraising page by clicking on the registration tab above. Share your page on Facebook, email it to your family and friends and start talking about what you are doing with the National Ability Center. You’ll be making a difference in the lives of many children, families and veterans.

Remember – you can fundraise your entry fee into the Halti Ability Snow Challenge. Every dollar raised from this event helps the National Ability Center reach more people of all abilities in our community and throughout the nation.