Fundraising 101


Having some trouble knowing where to start your fundraising for Ability Snow Challenge? Here is what Conor (our current top fundrasiser) has done to raise money and awareness!

  1. First, he recruited his team of skiers and checked out the theme for the event.
  2. Then, he asked his church for permission to set up a table during coffee hour for two Sundays prior to the event. Then he put together a paragraph about the event for the monthly church newsletter and weekly bulletin. He has been doing this for 15+ years so he has a couple of photo albums and a video at his table with a supply of NAC brochures. He raised over $1000 in cash and checks!!
  3. And, he set up a team page on the Crowdrise. He used a team photo from last year and a recent photo of him with a brief story about the NAC, our history, and last year’s results. He sent an email to about 45 family and friends around the country with a link to the website and instructions how to get to his donation page. This has raised over $900 so far!
  4. Finally, Conor will have a team party before the event where he will wear his theme costume and hand out everyone else’s. Each skier on the team pays $100 for the event, and must feel they get their money’s worth because they either repeat or donate in later years.

Obviously, this takes some effort on Conors’s part but you can tell that he has fun doing it. And just think of all the people who are exposed to the mission of the National Ability Center in the process. If you take just one of Conor’s ideas and put it in action you could help us reach our fundraising goal too!