Saylor O'Brien - Driven


The Ability Snow Challenge showcases a number of our regular participants in programs including many of those who are part of our Competition Programs. Learn a little more about one of our rising athletes, Saylor O’Brien…

The National Ability Center’s 2015-16 season is just beginning at Park City, and one young skier is getting an early start on her 2022 Paralympic dreams. Born with spina bifida, Saylor O’Brien learned to ski here in Utah just last year as a four-tracker, meaning that instead of ski poles, she held adaptive outriggers to help balance and steer her turns.

Saylor’s mother, Audrey says she quickly found a passion for the sport, “Saylor loves to go fast, really fast, so racing makes sense to her.”

As Saylor’s skills grew, her family connected with the National Ability Center in hopes that it would be a place that could nurture Saylor’s competitive side while helping her discover the next steps in pursuing her dream. Saylor signed up for…READ MORE