Are You Up for the Challenge?


The Ability Snow Challenge is adding a new component this year! As in the past, teams will compete on the race course for bragging rights but we will also be adding in some new fun Snow Challenges that teams can participate in. Snow Challenges are designed to let you see more of the mountain and get to know the NAC programs a bit better. Groups who do not want to race in the morning can also join in for the snow challenges in the afternoon.


Everyone does the same 1st challenge – the morning race run. Teams will meet at the top of Eagle Race Arena for the first start time at 10:00am – kick off run is taken by our very own Team Flyers! Each racer will take one run followed by the NAC participant demo race. Stay close by to cheer on their skills! There is a snow challenge associated with it! Spectator seating, beverages, music and kids activities will be happening at the bottom of the race run at the EY event tent. Lunch begins at 11:30am.


Beginning immediately following the demo race, teams will choose at least one (but up to as many as they would like) challenge to complete before 2:00pm. Challenges range in difficulty from very easy to moderate. Teams should choose challenges that their entire team can complete. There are some options that do not require a lift ticket so it is not a requirement to participate and family teams can join us at this time. For each challenge you complete, you will collect a challenge necklace.

  • Race Run 2 – Try to improve your time by taking a second run. (only available for teams who participated in the morning run.)
  • Watch the participant demo. Prove it by answer a trivia question and showing a photo of the demo at the Snow Challenge tent.
  • Take a photo at the NAC Mountain Center at the step and repeat with a member of Team Flyers OR at the top of King Kong and post to your Facebook page with the hashtag #abilitysnowchallenge.
  • Everyone on the team needs to make a pass at the Team Flyers box feature at the NAC Mountain Center. Tricks are optional. #abilitysnowchallenge.
  • Get matching face paint art at the event tent.
  • Find the hidden item at the NAC Mountain Center.
  • Take a short run with an NAC instructor while using one of the disability awareness simulators or adaptive equipment. (Teams must sign up for this challenge ahead of time –
  • Conga line down a run of your choice. Take a video.
  • If you find the mountain mascot “Rip-a-Roo” and take a photo with him!


Awards will be given in the following categories. Awards will begin at 2:00pm in the event tent.
Teams must be back by 1:45pm to have their scores considered.

  • Fastest team on race course – Snow Shredders
  • Fastest Weekend Warrior team – Weekend Warriors
  • Fastest individual on race course – male & female
  • Slowest team on race course – In it to win it
  • Most challenges completed
  • Top fundraising team
  • Top fundraising individual
  • Best dressed team
  • Best dressed individual
  • Best dressed volunteer